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Since 1986 Helping Small Businesses
to find the Right Advertising Solution

Affordable Small Business Marketing and finding the right digital solution for the job, is a superpower! It also happens to be a fantastic service we provide and is in huge demand at Better Business Web.

High Quality Web Solutions

Finding the Right Digital Solution

We launch Small Business Marketing campaigns for our clients. The founder of Better Business Web, Steve Levinson began working in marketing and advertising in 1986. First working in “print media”, then onto the web. He’s worked with countless different businesses spanning every type of company vertical you can possibly imagine for decades.

This is why Better Business Web has the experience to handle your project. There are many details involved when you are in collaboration no matter if we’re implementing SEO or some other web or digital marketing project. We’ll be sure to keep you organized. Just checkout our great reviews at Boynton Beach SEO Services. 

John DoeEva Coppola
Capture the Revenue You Are Losing!
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"I am very impressed with Steve's command of the SEO and digital marketing space. He is deeply educated and will bring a discerning view to your business goals. I strongly recommend Steve."
John DoeDr. Davia Coutcher
Huntsville, AL
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"Steve gets it right from the start. Skip trying to find a freelancer on FIVERR and invest in making an appointment to connect with Steve - I believe that you will be absolutely pleased with the results!"
Mark H. McCormick
McCormick and Associates Financial and Wellness Services
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"Steve Levinson @ Better Business Web is knowledgeable and efficient. If you are looking for a strong SEO expert, I highly recommend Steve and his business."
Evangelist Hattie V. Hall
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"Steve Levinson is highly recommended, he treats everyone kind respectful and is there for the needs of the people in Better Business Web. Steve is outstanding in his skills."
John DoeDoctor of Light VIE Loriot de Rouvray
Higher Vibration, Divine Re-connection, Energy Medicine near me Orlando, FL
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"Great business and wonderful personality"
John DoeSolomon Davis
Best Bay Logistics Ontario, CA
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"The Digital Adviser"
John DoePaul My
1 World Solutions
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"Happy to Recommend!"
John DoeMr. Diambu Kibwe Smith
Cleveland, OH
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"Good business Steve!!! I recommend him!!!"
John DoeMary Dill
Eva's Grace Foundation, Inc. West Palm Beach
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"Steve is very inviting and informative! Thanks Steve!"

Provide Small Businesses with Options

You might say he also has numerous super powers! One of those is his love of providing small business with options and solutions to everyday problems specifically related to the web. He is an expert at helping small businesses solve their Digital Marketing problems among other things. He launched BetterBusinessWeb.com because he was certain that he could perform the web services that he offers better than the competition could based on his years of experience.

George Carlin Steve Levinson Small Business Marketing Better Business Web

Steve Levinson meets George Carlin

Client-centric Approach

Mr. Levinson has also hired and trained thousands of sales people as well over years. As a result has he sold millions of dollars in advertising. You’ll find his approach is 100% client-centric. It’s all about the client! These online services sometimes can be very complicated concepts for some folks to grasp so he has the patience to slow down.

Increase Search Queries on Google

What’s his great secret? Steve’s SEO strategy is really quite simple! Overall the way he helps your business is with an examination (or crawl) of all or most of your businesses digital marketing components. Ultimately this is done to increase Search Queries and organic search results on Google for your company. What Steve does is to focus on your online presence by viewing your assets.

In the wilds of the internet he examines these properties for how well they’re optimized, using various SEO tools, he develops a plan to help. Whether that’s with increasing search queries on Google and other search engines like Bing for your products or services or another strategy.

Marketing, Web Design & SEO Services

We provide Marketing, Web Design & SEO Services for Small Business at Affordable Rates in Boynton Beach. Responsive Website with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We’ll address the problems that exist head on. This might also entail ensuring web pages are Google Indexed and so much more.

In addition to that he’s performing vital keyword research, and assembling high-quality relevant content. This is all so he can optimize your site as quickly as possible using SEO techniques to be found. This work is done all case by case and is extremely granular and detailed.  Everything is tailored to the client.

Boynton Beach SEO Services

We are Boynton Beach SEO Services and Small Businesses Marketing experts. Finding the Right Digital Solution since 1986. Our Ultimate Goal is High Quality Web Solutions www.BetterBusinessWeb.com was originally launched in December 2021 during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

In the fall of 2023, he rebranded his website and moved it to a new web address at www.LocateMeOnline.com To date, he has over 172 outstanding client reviews on a referral website called Alignable as well as twenty two (22) 5 Star Google Reviews in the past twenty two months!

In two years his clients have certainly expressed how they feel about the SEO & website update services he provides. For this reason we’re excited that he offers Digital Marketing and Boynton Beach SEO Services to small businesses.

LocateMeOnline.com Services

www.LocateMeOnline.com offers the exact same services. However, this enabled him to update his website and the client experience. From LMFT, Life Coaches, Spiritual Healers, Energy Medicine, and service businesses to CNC Machine shops or food establishments to any profession in between he’s worked with them all.

Each company was unique and needed help in different ways. His love is working very closely with small businesses and helping them solve problems. There are so many things they have in common and need help with. We all support one another!

Small Business Advocate

As a Small Business Advocate Mr. Levinson typically works with companies with smaller budgets. He loves being their go-to guy, their advocate. He is totally hands-on! When you meet him ask him how he utilizes marketing for free too! This is another one of his superpowers. Do you have a question? Need to consult with him directly right now? Click the button to call Steve.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Making Search Engines Work for you

Steve will ultimately make search engines work for you! Typically, that’s cleaning up website issues and utilizing onsite SEO,  backlinks, internal links, or building links. He will do what’s necessary in your situation to help you. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Utilizing Boynton Beach SEO, the chief goal is to help you rank high on Google in organic searches.

Ideally, using SEO to help you to rank high on Google Maps because space is limited and only the first few companies appear in search queries on a Smartphone. It would also be great to appear on Google elsewhere. For example, in featured snippets.

Implement SEO and Optimize

This online visibility ONLY happens because you invested! You hired Better Business Web to implement SEO and optimize your web pages. Nice work! This is the type of small business marketing that you really need! The SEO issues you have don’t just fix themselves! Let us do the heavy lifting.