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Stretch your paid advertising & marketing budget


Paid Marketing Campaigns such as Pay-per-click marketing could be viewed as paying people to visit your website, landing page, or mobile app

What is Paid Marketing in simple terms?

Why you should include a mix of ongoing paid ads in your budget as well as include SEO or Search Engine Optimization in your overall marketing strategy?


Paid Advertising 101: A Beginner’s Guide (According to SEMrush) Are you interested in learning more? Click to access this very comprehensive article about Bidding on some types of keywords and so much more.

Paid Advertising Campaign?

How do Paid Advertising Campaign and Paid Marketing Campaigns work? In very simple terms you pay to be at the top of Google! So why should you include an ongoing “paid ads” budget in your overall marketing strategy? The answer is fairly straightforward. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

So therefore, Paid Marketing Campaigns are the fastest way to appearing at the top of search engines however, this is very costly to maintain. When you discuss Paid advertising this can be any type of advertising, whether print, radio or TV advertising. Typically, it refers to utilizing a marketing strategy where businesses pay to display their ads to a targeted audience.

Pay-per-click marketing, a type of paid ads, could be viewed as paying people to visit your website, landing page, mobile app, etc. This can be great to stretch your advertising & marketing budget and provide maximum impressions especially if you’re a new business. We use Google Analytics to track everything!


Advantages of Paid Marketing

You might ask how effective is paid advertising? When it comes to highest returns on investment (ROI) for many companies, this is how they spend their marketing dollars. On average for each dollar spent in Google Ads it brings in two dollars in revenue. While companies usually supplement their paid marketing budgets with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, for the most part, paid marketing is necessary. This is because companies don’t have the time or resources to wait for their SEO strategy to work. fully They need to resort to sponsored ads or paid marketing to achieve revenue targets. 

Disadvantages of Paid Marketing

What is the disadvantage of paid marketing? It is usually very tedious to have to continuously monitor and update campaigns. There is almost always tremendous competition as well. Finally, the budget required to constantly pay for this type of marketing is very costly. For example, new businesses or startups would have trouble allocating the budget for this because it is very expensive and there is no guarantee it will work and enable you to profit. You also are somewhat at the mercy of algorithms and policies.

Paid Marketing Goals

When it is time to get started with Paid Advertising you want to be sure to set clear advertising goals. The key here too is to identify and understand your target audience and their interests, buying habits or past interactions with your company. Be sure to measure ROI and performance and continuously make adjustments as needed.

PPC Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization

Interested in learning the differences between PPC Marketing (a form of paid marketing) vs Search Engine Optimization? PPC Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. To rank high on Google in (SERPs) Search Engine Result Pages, initially, businesses will spend money on paid advertising. As time goes on the budget applied towards paid marketing can be significantly diminished by implementing an SEO strategy to enable the business to rank organically for their important keywords.

This is as opposed to having to constantly invest a typically huge budget in paid marketing to appear at the top of Google and other search engines. In simple terms, why should you include an ongoing paid ads budget in your overall marketing strategy? The answer is straightforward. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

Paid Marketing Benefits

Oftentimes, businesses will combine their SEO with paid advertising. This is because it takes time for the SEO to “work” so marketers will utilize paid media. However, paid media also has some drawbacks. Mainly, it can be very expensive, in addition to having to navigate the low trust and credibility issues associated with this type of marketing effort.

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